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April 20, 2002

Wakeman rejoins Yes (yet again)

According to the news at YesWorld, Rick Wakeman has rejoined Yes for a tour this summer. Hmmm...haven't seen them since the post-Keys tour if I remember correctly. Time to mark the calendar again.

April 17, 2002

Mac.com webmail

Mac.com webmail is now in beta. Makes that e-mail address a little more useful.

April 16, 2002

Official Site Updated

There's a set of pretty funny "facts" over at rushvaportrails.com.

My personal favorite:

Fact 05: Alex once ate more than nineteen thousand dollars worth of cheese in a single afternoon.

Looks like they're finally dipping into their official archives for photos from the past.

Tour Dates

Rush tour dates are now online at Pollstar, and one show is even listed at Ticketmaster.com. Time to start marking the calendar.

April 15, 2002

Nice day, stuck at work


Well, at least I got outside a little bit at lunch.

A little more Rush news

There's a message from Geddy at myfavoriteheadache.com, and a short article at canoe.ca about the upcoming tour.

April 14, 2002

New Orb single

News of a new Orb single at NME.COM. Ok, so I can download it, or have the vinyl shipped to me? No cd?

April 11, 2002

Vapor Trails, Early

It appears that Vapor Trails was available online for a bit the other day. No dobut it is now on various file-sharing networks now.

Such wide-spread dissemination is generally a Bad Thing. I'd like to hear it early, sure, but the artist/record company has the final say. I'm curous if they had considered the possibility that this might happen, and what plans they had in place to respond to it. To not have a plan these days is simply lazy and bad business.

April 8, 2002


Rush.com is now controlled by the band. There's got to be some sort of story behind that.

iBook Update

On Thursday and Friday I checked Apple's Apple Care/repair tracking site to see what was up with my new iBook's stubborn RAM shield screw (which was preventing me from installing an additional 256 MB. No record of it was on the web site (as of today there's still nothing). A quick phone call to their 800 number led to a brief chat with their nearly natural voice repsonse system, which told me the repair was done, the iBook had been shipped, and if I'd like, they'd fax me the info and tracking number. I can honestly say that it was thie nicest, most "natural" voice mail system I've ever dealt with. The mailroom dropped the iBook off after lunch, and once I got it home, installing the new RAM was a breeze. I'm not sure what they did, but the machine showed no visible signs of being worked on/pried apart/whatever.

Once the bonus memory was installed, it was time to download updates. The iBook seems to only want to connect at 31200, even though my iMac, sharing the same phone line and jack, almost always happily connects in the 44000+ range (need to look into this sometime). Downnloaded two security updates, an installer update, and 10.1.3, then the latest version of iTunes (files are shared between the OS X version and the OS 9 version). 50+ MB of updates downloaded overnight, and I'm ready to start moving things over from the iMac this week. iTunes happily rips mp3s at 4x-5x, which is nice.

April 6, 2002

New Orbital?

According to NME there's a "best of" coming out at the end of May with a new track.

April 5, 2002

More Vapor Trails News

Somebody's put together a Rush Vapor Trails Information Page, including possible tour dates. Time to check my summer schedule. There's also a link to a new article over at VH1.com, which means more aticles will be hitting the streets soon.

April 4, 2002

Kraftwerk Konsum Produkt

Wow, didn't realize that there is quite a lot of official Kraftwerk products available. Need to check what the Euro to Dollar conversion rate is.

Lego Python?

Watch a scene from Holy Grail done in LEGO.

April 1, 2002

Google Technology

Google's got a funny April 1 bit on PigeonRankā„¢ Technology.

New Rush Pix and Clips

There's a new picture of the guys on their official page at Atlantic, and there's four more in the photos section.

There's also the alleged cover art at Melodcidrock.com and at Rushradio.org. Medlodicrock.com also has links to sample of three of the new songs (Earthshine, Freeze, and Nocturne).