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July 29, 2003


Two odd articles seen & read recently:

Answer to the mystery of life is four.

Desperatley Seeking Kraftwerk. Strange article about a guy trying to track down Kraftwerk in Düsseldorf.

July 25, 2003

More Rush in Rio News

According to Billboard, the new double DVD and triple CD should be out on September 23, 2003, barring any delays.

There's also a shot of the cover online here.

July 24, 2003


No, not content management system, a new Chicago Manual of Style is out. Saw a short article about it at the Chronicle of Higher Education this morning. Kinda surprising that even after nearly five years away from being an editor, I can still get excited over a reference book. Yes, I added it to my Amazon Wishlist right away.

July 21, 2003

New Kraftwerk

I keep forgetting to pick up the new single. NME has the tracklist for the new album, due out next month.

Random Updates

1. There's finally a trailer out for One Upon a Time in Mexico, the sequel to Desperado. Looks pretty good (Stunts! Explosions! Etc!), and Salma Hayek is in it as well. (Oh, Spy Kids 3 looks kinda cool too.)

2. Finally took the old mountain bike out for a ride Saturday morning, out to the lakefront, up north to Hollywood, and down south to Fullerton. A nice 12-mile ride. Passed lots of what appeared to be marathon training groups on the way north.

3. Saw Finding Nemo. Verdict: very good, one of those rare movies worth the proce of admission.

4. I'm putting my running program to the test: I've signed up for the Bucktown 5K in September. Never ran in any sort of organized event before. Come to think of it, never really ran much at all.

July 11, 2003

Segway Sighting

I was out jogging/running/lumbering about Wednesday after work, headed south down Lakewood, when a guy on a Segway passed me headed north. Pretty cool to see in person, several people stopped and stared as it went by and a car full of people headed home after the Cubs game honked and cheered.

Speaking of two-wheeled vehicles, I finally took my old Trek 830 into the local bike shop for a tuneup and some new grips and bar ends. Haven't ridden it since last August, when I wiped out in the rain on Clybourn and split my left knee open, resulting in 11 stitches. (Note: riding with your cellphone & wallet sounds funny but makes sense.)

New AB Book in Wired

Nice little preview of Alton Brown's upcoming book in Wired this month. Alton Brown's Gear for Your Kitchen is due in September.

July 9, 2003

Words that Should be Retired: Cyber-

Renewed our license plates this morning online at cyberdriveillinois.com. Was this domain suggested by some marketing type who used AOL once about 10 years ago? Cyberdriveillinois.com sounds like a place to renew my plates for my Tron Light Cycle.

July 8, 2003

New Kraftwerk Audio

RealAudio stream of a track from the new Tour de France single.