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June 30, 2003

Holy Kraft!

How did I miss this? A new Kraftwerk single and album coming out this month. A reworking of Tour De France and new stuff. Quite exciting.

June 27, 2003

Apple Store

Beautiful day so far today. Walked by the new Apple Store on Michigan Avenue before noon and there were already 60 or 70 people camped out for their opening tonight. No grand opening for me, I'm going running tonight. We'll probably check out the place later this weekend.

June 17, 2003

James Beard Awards

Nice to see that Alton Brown received a James Beard award for I'm Just Here for the Food. It is quite a good book on cooking (rather than being just a cookbook). (OK, I realized this happend in May. I'm a little behind on the AB news.)

June 9, 2003

John Adams get a Pulitzer

Been meaning to link to this article from the New York Times. Wonder if On The Transmigration of Souls will get a CD release? Dislaimer: John Adams is my favorite contemporary composer. There's also infomation on his site regarding the premieres of two new works: My Father Knew Charles Ives and The Dharma at Big Sur.

June 5, 2003

The Great Tie Massacre of '03

Spent some time the other day cleaning out the bedroom closet, getting rid of old & seldom worn stuff (Rule: if you haven't worn it in a year or so and it has no sentimental value, out it goes). Finally got to the two tie racks. Since I wore a tie fewer that ten times last year, mostly for business meetings & funerals, it seemed time for a purge. I thnk I still had most every tie since I got my first job out of college, in the pre-casual office, required shirt-n-tie days. I've probably also bought an average of one tie a year over the last seven or eight years. I must have been up to nearly 50 ties.

Managed to get rid of more than half of them, all in good shape. Some had plain stripes, some weird early 90s patterns, some retro. No fish ties. Can't remember where any of the skinny leaether 80s ties went, if there are still any. This, of course, is the point where I should have taken a picture I could have uploaded of the pile of them that were going to off to the Salvation Army store on Clybourn. Alas.