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Time to relaunch the weblog, especially in these days of Twitter and Facebook.

The Great E-Mail Migration

Taking a big step today and migrating away from Eudora as my e-mail client. I'm giving Postbox a try. I've been with Eudora since 1992 or so, since version 2.x I think—I can't find a release date listing online. The process is a little complicated. I'm importing everything into Apple Mail on Snow Leopard, then moving messages (63K+) over to Postbox, then I'll create accounts in Postbox and start with new folders and filters there. No idea how attachments will work out. Guess we'll see. Decided to move over before Rosetta support gets dropped from OS X in 10.7. Here goes....

Modern Times

Feel like I'm moving into modern times again: Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and ordered an iPhone 4. Now to upgrade the software I wanted to upgrade that required 10.6.



Belated Update

Been busy here at Ivory Tower, more about that in a bit.

Didn't read A Christmas Carol, but got all of the holiday music together.

New iMac

New iMacAlmost forgot to mention...picked up a new iMac a couple of weeks ago. First iMac since the one I bought back in 1998--I've been on iBooks since then. Speedy. Just picked up 4 GB of RAM that needs installing tonight. Next on the list is a new external drive for use with SuperDuper!

Criminal Machine

Saw this at Amazon this morning. Waring Pro Professional Electric Martini Maker. Oh jeez. A $190 machine to make a martini? Only if it is a robot that looks like William Powell. No wonder it was marked down to $78.52.

DSL Upgrade we're up to 1801 kbps down and 432 kbps up. Not bad.

Cron test

Let's see if this is set up correctly...


Well, seem to have broken the MT template system. Need to have some time to sit down and fix tihngs or at least burn it all down and start over. For the time being, please enjoy a design-free site.

Behind the scenes

Hmmm...had to change some settings due to a migration by my web host. Hope things are working OK...

Need to clean out all of the MediaManager cruft. That plugin sadly seems broken. Time to figure out a replacement, as I miss having a "Now Reading" section. Perhaps I'll use Multiblog and set up a book blog and run that info in a widget.


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