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Hello Nano

Apple's running an iPod Nano replacement program for first generation Nanos. Apparently their batteries are prone to overheating. I know I bought a nano years ago for Nike+ use, but wasn't sure what generation it was--first or second. Ended up using my iPod touch for the same purposes. Dug up the Nano and plugged it in and found the serial number after it finally had enough energy to boot up. Turns out I do have a first generation one. I must have bought it right when the second-generation ones came out. Looking forward to getting a new one, although I'm not sure what I'll do with it.

The Great E-Mail Migration

Taking a big step today and migrating away from Eudora as my e-mail client. I'm giving Postbox a try. I've been with Eudora since 1992 or so, since version 2.x I think—I can't find a release date listing online. The process is a little complicated. I'm importing everything into Apple Mail on Snow Leopard, then moving messages (63K+) over to Postbox, then I'll create accounts in Postbox and start with new folders and filters there. No idea how attachments will work out. Guess we'll see. Decided to move over before Rosetta support gets dropped from OS X in 10.7. Here goes....

Modern Times

Feel like I'm moving into modern times again: Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and ordered an iPhone 4. Now to upgrade the software I wanted to upgrade that required 10.6.



New iMac

New iMacAlmost forgot to mention...picked up a new iMac a couple of weeks ago. First iMac since the one I bought back in 1998--I've been on iBooks since then. Speedy. Just picked up 4 GB of RAM that needs installing tonight. Next on the list is a new external drive for use with SuperDuper!

Kindle for iPhone Platform

This morning I saw that Amazon has released a Kindle app for the iPhone platform. Grabbed a copy a little while ago and installed it. After setting it up, which involved remembering the unique e-mail address and password I use for Amazon, I quickly scanned through my wish list to see what books were available. Several were, so I grabbed a free sample chapter of G.K. Chesteron's What's Wrong With the World. It arrived quickly. You turn pages by flicking to the left or right on the screen. Sadly, it doesn't rotate, which I would find to be a little more useful way of reading. Nice to discover that the book's price was $1.99 for the Kindle version. I may end up grabbing it and Peter Ackroyd's London: A Biography (only $7.96) and test out a real, full length book or two.

So far, so good.

Macworld 09

Well, it is that time of the year again, but with a few changes. No Steve Jobs keynote and probably no new products, just refreshes and updates. I can understand Apple not wanting to have to have something to launch on a regular schedule and doing it during someone else's event. They've been moving towards special events for all of their recent product launches anyway.

Kind of sad that I never got to attend a Macworld, but I've never worked at a Macintosh-focused company either, nor specifically in the IT world.

iPod Touch 2nd Gen

Well, the latest version of the iPod Touch was announced yesterday.

Pros: Cheaper, voice recording (details a little bit hazy), Nike+ (a surprise)

Cons: No camera (a pipe dream for me, perhaps, but there you go)

End result: Ordered one from Amazon last night--had a gift certificate

iPhone? Not so much

Got a look at the family plan prices for the new iPhone. Base plan is $130 for two lines? No thanks. That's just $10 cheaper than having two single-line plans. Either $30 for unlimited text messages or $0.20 each--nothing in between like the single-line plans? Talk about making an exciting product significantly less exciting.

Guess I'll be buying an iPod touch instead.

10 Years of the iMac

Ten years ago (OK, May 6, 1998) the iMac was introduced. I'd argue that this is the product that really brought Apple back. Granted, they missed the target on a couple of things, mostly the round mouse and the lack of CD burning. Dropping ADB and serial stuff for USB was a huge step forward and a bit risky.

I've still got my rev B version, which makes it just over 9 years old.

New Apple IIc

Great link: Unboxing photos on Flickr of an unopened Apple IIc recently bought on Ebay. A IIc was the first real computer we had at home when I was a wee lad, actually.


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