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August 26, 2010

Alex Lifeson Interview

The Lehigh Valley News has an interview with Alex that covers work on the new album and memories of making Moving Pictures. An excerpt:

Lifeson says the band has six songs pretty much ready to go and three others almost done. The group plans to write at least a couple of additional songs after the tour. At this point, the CD is shaping up to be a musically varied work.

"There is the epic song, 'Clockwork Angels,' which is really taking shape. It's a multi-parted piece, very dynamic," Lifeson says. "Then there's some stuff that's very melodic and on the softer side, on acoustic, with a strong melody. So there's great diversity there. Honestly, I can't wait until we start really working on these songs. We've sort of got them to the stage where Geddy and I were happy with the arrangements and then Neil kind of comes in and starts working on his drum arrangements, and they go from there. So they're sort of in that pre-drum stage right now, and it's great to see them come to life."

Really looking forward to this!

August 10, 2010

Modern Times

Feel like I'm moving into modern times again: Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and ordered an iPhone 4. Now to upgrade the software I wanted to upgrade that required 10.6.