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February 24, 2010

Two Covers

Two covers of Baba O'Riley. First was seen over on Wil Wheaton's site, the second in the comments at Slashdot.

Think Geek cover, using their products:

The other is by Blue Man Group. Check the great percussion instruments.


Nessie, again We adopted a greyhound! We've had her for just over 3 weeks. Her name is Nessie (formerly Js Radical Ness) and last raced at the end of December up in Kenosha. THe photo about is from when we selected her at the kennel in January. More photos are on Flickr–click the photo to see the most recent ones.

Belated Update

Been busy here at Ivory Tower, more about that in a bit.

Didn't read A Christmas Carol, but got all of the holiday music together.