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February 24, 2009

Bad news for Dave Z

Man, you come home from riding to a second-place finish in the Amgen Tour of California and find that someone robbed your place. Took nearly everything, apparently, including :

• Black 2008 Subaru Outback, Utah plate A189NC
• Black 2006 Toyota Scion, Utah plate 094VWM
• Giro D Italia Race Medal (approx. 6" circumference)
• Olympic Seiko watch
• Beijing Olympic ring (silver) with initials "DZ" engraved ($4,000)
• Olympic Time Trial Bike, plus 12 other bikes (combined value of $100,000)
• Cervelo (black/red) bike frame - team issued ($5000)
• Tag Heuer watch ($6,000)
• Bose Speaker/Receiver System ($15,000)
• Sony 52" flat screen TV ($4,000)
• Two Mac Books and one Mac desktop, plus hard drive ($8,000)
• A pair of Space legs, a recovery compression system for legs ($5,000)
• 7 Marvel sideshow statues ($11,000)

More info here.

February 19, 2009

Levi Leipheimer on the Bonny Doon climb

Levi on the Bonny Doon climb, originally uploaded by Arley L..

Great shot I saw on Flickr of Levi Leipheimer tearing the peloton apart on the Bonny Doon climb during stage two of the Tour of California. That rain is intense.

February 15, 2009

Buyers Remorse

Bought three seasons of The Simpsons just after Thanksgiving last year. Decided I really didn't want to keep them and wanted to return them. Forgot all about it until I found them this morning. Sigh. Too late now.