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August 22, 2008

Vanity Portal

Finally finished a one-page vanity site: jimlosby.com. You can only do so much to get the Twitter and Flickr badge xhtml to validate before you waste your time.

There's a little behind-the-scenes integration with Movable Type to get the current entries from ivory-tower.org and redblogchetta.com to show up, courtesy of the MultiBlog plugin.


August 14, 2008

Web 2.0 experience?

Hmmm...so I posted on Twitter about buying shoes from Zappos and having them arrive the next day and the coolness of that and the next day the CEO of Zappos starts following me.



Great. Toasted my main MT template accidentally yesterday while putting together another weblog's template. Always work on a backup, kids.

Time to revert to an older home page and work up something new.

August 6, 2008

Yes on YouTube

I'm generally not a big browser of YouTube, but I know there's lots of archival stuff there from my favorite bands lurking about.

Chris Squire playing a Fender Jazz and not his traditional Rickenbacker? Absolutely furious playing by Steve, Chris, and Alan in the studio.

I'm really not a fan of this song (Parallels) as I am the rest of the tracks off of their 1977 return, Going for the One, but I'm starting to come around. Need to set aside some time and see what else rare and unusual Yes stuff is up on YouTube.