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November 16, 2005

Christmas traditionalist?

I do what I can to avoid xmas music/displays in stores/commercials this time of the year, which can be a bit difficult. Each year one or two FM stations flip to an all-xmas format a week or so before Thanksgiving...seems to be earlier each year. Must be some sort of guessing game of who can be first, but not tick off listeners who are in the same midset that I am.

I'll happily accept holiday stuff after dessert on Thanksgiving. Ideally, the day after Thanksgiving.

November 15, 2005

Amazon takes a step back

I was adding a couple of items to my Amazon Wishlist the other day (Have they patented the concept of wish lists yet? If not, I'm sure it is matter of time.) when I noticed the page looked a little different. Hey, they're allowed a little redesign/tweaking now and then. Then I noticed what had changed: the priority pull-down no longer contains useful data like "I'm thinking about it" but rather highest/high/medium/low/lowest. This change make the wishlist less useful to me than it was. I often used the wishlist as a place to list items that I'm interested in, but not sure if I want to own, pending some research of reviews or reviewing a physical copy of the book/video/thingy at an actual store. I'm aware that there's a comment field for each item, which I'll probably end up using, but I preferred using the priority label instead. Time to go back and review what stuff's on the list, add some comments, and maybe even trim the list up a bit.

New Kraftwerk DVD

I could have swore that the Minimum Maximum DVD set was supposed to have come out during the summer like the CD did. Need to preorder this, but I'll pass on the special edition version, which comes in a laptop-like box.

November 11, 2005

All about the analog

After a small flurry of web shopping and the attendant wait for shipping, I now own several new pens: a shiny-but-distinguished black laquer & palladium Sheaffer fountain pen (via ebay), a matching rollerball (via Staples.com), and a chrome Fisher Space Pen (an actual Office Depot store), which replaces the one I seem to have lost in San Francisco at some point. (I have no idea where it went, since it is usually in my pocket.) The new fountain pen means I can put my 80s-era Sheaffer Targa out to pasture for a bit.

Why the pen craze? I'm always jotting something down on a sticky note at work for one reason or another and decided I might as well have a nice group of pens to choose from. The Space Pen is usually in my pocket along with a Pocket Mod (very cool tool, check it out) in case I want to jot down something I saw or thought about and don't want to forget (this has been known to happen now and then). There's a small Moleskine notebook in my messenger bag along with a generic pen or two, but the Moleskine only seems to get used on vacations.

Oh, I also picked up a Shirt Pocket Briefcase (in ever-stylish black) from the Levenger store at Marshall Fields down on State. Nice device, kinda expensive for what you get, especially the notecards, but proving to be rather useful at work when you don't want to carry around a porfolio or notepad.

Now that my iPod syncs with my address book and calendar, I've really had no use for my old Palm m100, which was really only used for playing Yahtzee.

November 3, 2005

Rich East High School Class of 1985 Reunion

Hi folks.

Sorry, I don't know anything about a reunion at all, other than there was one being planned nearly two years ago, which soon vanished into thin air. I decided I'd create this page/entry just so something will show up in a web search for Rich East High School Class of 1985 Reunion.

If I hear anything about one, I'll drop the info on this page and point you to it.

Update 11/15/05: I'm now the first result for rich east reunion 1985 at Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Wow.