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August 8, 2005

iBook woes

Good news: New iBook showed up on time and is working fine, aside from a half-attached Z key and a couple of horizontal streaks/scratches across the keyboard. Mentioned it to an Genius at the Apple Store, who said to bring it in for a quick fix.

Bad news: The short in screen cable on the old iBook has become worse. According to the Genius, Apple charges a flat $300 for diagnosis and repair of out-of-warranty products, so it is time for me to look at other options to get this fixed. Sigh.

David Gray bits

Google News aletrs brought me this link today: NPR : David Gray in Concert. I like his last couple of albums and I looked up his site a month or so ago just to see if he had plans to release anything in the near future, only to learn of the new album and a minitour, which had an already sold-out date here in Chicago on August 8.

There's a 28-minute interview (which I'm currently listening to) at the NPR link and a whole show from the other day at the 9:30 Club in DC. New album comes out September 12.