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July 23, 2004


I saw an article or two the other day on a couple of weblogs (boingboing and a whole lotta nothing) about filtering software used by businesses to block users from accessing sites. One company, Secure Computing, has a product called SmartFilter. You can check URLS and see how they classify that site. Go ahead, give it a try.

Imagine my surprise to find out that this somewhat lame personal domain (ivory-tower.org) has been classified as pornography. Wow. I posted a picture of a bicycle once, but I doubt that caused that classification.

New Rush Remasters

The most recent batch of Rush albums (Presto through Vapor Trails) are being remastered by Atlantic and will be released on August 24.

This is good news. Presto is a bit thin-sounding as is Roll the Bones. Vapor Trails, on the other hand, is just too over the top with lots of clipping and distortion. TIme to add them to the Amazon Wishlist so I don't forget about them.

July 13, 2004

Disco Still Sucks

Caught the 25th Anniversary of Disco Demolition show on WTTW last night. Well edited and dispells a lot of the rumors and stories about the actual event. The indignation of Gleason and Piersall is hilarious and shows what's still wrong with the sport.

Tour de France Resources

Well, we hopped on the Tour de France bandwagon early this year. We get OLN at home, so we tend to tape the Roadside Tour bit. Good online resources are tdfblog.com and Velo News' live update page. There's also a nice summary of the Tour so far here.