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January 23, 2003


Looks like somebody's advancing a Gaudi design from 1908 for a proposed hotel for the WTC space. Pretty cool, and better looking that any other the other choices so far.


Yeah, pretty cold. But then it's the second half of January, this shouldn't be a surpirse to those out their in their leather jackets.

January 22, 2003

Cat Copies, Cooking, and Kites

Three things today: that cat that was cloned a year ago turns out to be genetically identical to the source cat, but quite different in appearance. Guess the nature vs nuture thing is tipping towards nurture. I've always seen cloning as more of a delayed identical twin situation rather than a sci-fi sort of Star Trek transporter accident/human photocopier thing.

Nice article on Alton Brown. Looking forward to hearing more about the next cookbook later this year.

Strap a digital camera and some other things to a kite and what do you get? Kite aerial photography. Check out the panoramas, very cool.

January 21, 2003

Dinner for Five, Take Two

We caught the first episode of the second season of Dinner for Five last night. Too bad the show isn't 60 minutes long. This season looks pretty good.

The Curse of Pooh

Great overview at Fortune.com on Disney and Winne the Pooh and who owns the rights to what. I winced when they slapped a smile on Eeyore's face years ago.

January 15, 2003

Artsy Update

Looks like the fifth Harry Potter book is finally coming out on June 21.

We've been watching PBS' Chicago: City of the Century the last two nights. Quite a good show; the section on the Chicago Fire was quite good. Need to remember to tape the last segment tonight.

January 8, 2003

Happy Birthday, Elvis

Today is Elvis' birthday. Listen to Mystery Train and celebrate in the traditional fashion (whatever that may be).

January 7, 2003

Live Show Trading

Adam forwarded a link along to an article at the NY Times on the online (and offline) trading of live concerts. I'm aware of a couple communities that do this, but I'm pretty much limited from trading due to my lack of a high-speed connection at home and not a great deal of stuff to trade after the bulk of the live stuff I had was stolen several years ago along with a third of my cd collection. Now if I could only find someone who had the whole Yesoteric collection who'd be willing to do a B+P...

January 6, 2003

VIP Penn

Penn Gillette's posted a great story about a run-in with airport security in Las Vegas. Quite funny.

January 2, 2003

Curious Date

Archiving some files today, noticed 01/02/03 is the most Lawrence Welk of dates.