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April 10, 2001

Old Things

Heard Prince's Batdance from 1989 on netradio.com today. Haven't heard anything from the Batman soundtrack in forever. That was a time when I can tie music to a place in time. The Batman soundtrack, The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique, and Big Audio Dynamite's Megatop Phoenix.

Saw an old numeric CompuServe e-mail address today at work (xxxxx.xxxx@compuserve.com). Can't remember the last time I saw one like it. Didn't they move over to alphanumeric ones years ago, around the time AOL bought them? Perhaps this guy was able to keep his, and anything alphanumeric is just an alias?

April 3, 2001


I feel like such a dot.nerd now, since I get both Red Herring and Industry Standard for free. The Internet Economy has to be pretty bad if the trade magazines are offering me free subscriptions.

Rented and watched Almost Famous over the weekend. I saw it a week or two after it was in the theaters and found it to be a great film. It and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon would have been on my Top Films of 2000 if I had kept a list.

Realized that I'm fortunate to live between two decent hot dog stands (Murphy's on Belmont and The Original Muskie's on Lincoln).

Set the wayback machine for 10-15 years ago. Augmented the cd collection with REM cds from Fables of the Reconstruction to Out of Time, and threw in U2's Achtung Baby and Zooropa for good measure. (Life's Rich Pageant is probably my favorite from this timespan, which probably makes me a lame bandwagoneer of some sort. I recall reading a Rolling Stone article back in the day where the band called it their Bryan Adams record. I'm working from college-era memory here, so I could be wrong.) Green is also quite good, perhaps even better than Fables. As for the U2, I think Zooropa wins out over Achtung because of the more experimental/less pop feel, even though it has Numb and The Wanderer on it.