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June 2, 2000

About Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower started out as a college nickname, and I began using it for my AOL screenname way back in 1993 when I bought my first Mac, a Performa 550 (it is still mine). I've used it in various forms since then. It is rather uncommon; at least I thought it was when I finally got around to seeing if the domain name was available. Once prices dropped in the last year or so, I set out to see what was available.

Looks like www.ivorytower.com is just another holding place out there. Nothing aside from an e-mail like to a webmaster.

www.ivorytower.org is an active site, and appears to be some sort of Quebec-based water filtration sales joint. I can't be too sure, because my French isn't so good. Just a couple of large gifs and some contact information.

www.ivorytower.net just forwards to an ISP's corporate page.

www.ivory-tower.com is for Ivory Tower Ltd in Cambridge, England, offering "network consultancy, project management, wine consultancy". Well, that's a bit more swanky than this site, but a nice combination of consultancy offerings, and rather civilized at that.

www.ivory-tower.net is some sort of Flash-loaded Elven thing. There's info about raves in Texas, some mouse-following dhtml, some sort of goth RPG stuff, art, poetry, astrology, and an almost empty BBS.

I did end up with ivory-tower.org, which I'll put to use someday.

HTML music: Los Lobos Filmore shows from February 2000, some of that 4-cd Sony Classical set (there's an absolutely weird John Denver/Placido Domingo duet that's on it, which leaves me scratching my head), The Best of The Call.